It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

I have decided to take blogging to a whole new level; at leasta whole new level for me. I have several different ones right now that I have sort of gotten a bad taste with after some time of having them. Why? I think it’s because I seem to always post negative things there. My blog should be more uplifting for me as well as others, not something that is a chore and so dark and dreary. That isn’t me and that certainly is not my intention. I miss blogging, though. I miss the outlet and the sort of anonymity that it offers. Sure, others can read and I know a few right off the top of my head who probably will read and keep up and that’s fantastic. What I seem to have forgotten though is the point of blogging. To me, the point of blogging is to have not only an outlet, but a topic to discuss. That topic could be anything from simply rambling to faith, love, a new product review, photography, a vacation, a fight with a friend, family or a new foe! Whatever the case may be, I don’t want my blog to be centered around such negativity even when it’s apparent that there is a struggle or struggles in my life. I need to force myself to think positive and carry myself in such a way that I know that I can. As far as the proper format to blogging, I want to learn that even. I think this could turn into a brand new journey for me on this blog right here. I want to open it up to the public, which is something that I haven’t done in a while. I don’t think I should hide who I really am and those that love me will still love me even after they read about something that they may not agree with. So here it is, my fresh new blog. Let’s see where this one takes me.  I’m feelin’ good.