As Thursday comes to a close…

I, of course, leave you with a thought-provoking post! Is pampering really good for the soul? Does it actually boost our self esteem or make us more confident? For right now, and without much research, I’m going to say absolutely it does! I just got back from one of the best vacations I have ever been on and I don’t think it could have started out any better. I worked the midnight till 8 AM shift, which technically I didn’t get off till like 9:30 because the next person didn’t come in and someone else had to cover. I had an appointment set up with my amazing cosmetologist friend to have a birthday mani/pedi from my Mama. Oh. My. Word. That was so super relaxing and refreshing and that was just for my hands and feet! About a month before that I had my hair cut and a massage that I got for Valentine’s Day from the hubby. I have been allowing myself, maybe a little too much, to buy new clothes and shoes and accessories…cough.scarves.cough… My attitude and mood has been through the roof lately. I have had a shit storm of troubles blasted my way but we have handled them the best way we know how and kept our heads up through it all. I still think it has something to do with the weather warming up.

I have even decided to start making my own sugar scrubs, which I’m excited about. I have the recipe that they use at The Body Shop, which is where my friend works. She wasn’t really supposed to give it to me, but ya know… we’re tight like that. I think a small project at home will be good for me. But I am known for taking on too much too fast. I already am wanting to make bracelets similar to the one I got in New Orleans because it seems fairly easy to do but still lets me be creative and artsy fartsy.

So, a little splurging and pampering of yourself every so often is not a bad thing. You can afford it, you can make things work and ends will still meet in the end. Take that small vacation, buy that cute outfit or pair of shoes or all of the above even! Learning to love life and live it has been a difficult thing for me. It’s not all about balancing and budgeting and saving. Granted, those are all very important things that still need to be done, but as long as you’re smart about it, a splurge every so often will be just fine. Trust me, I did it again today. I bought another plant for outside on our balcony. I’m really taking a liking to sitting outside with my flowers and reading, writing and drinking coffee. Basically I’m waiting till it’s time for me to be lakeside or poolside doing these things. That will really send my mood sky high. Everyone will be singing “she’s so hiiiiiigh high above me”.


P.S. I will be posting so many more things in the coming days. I have so much to get out of my head and down here… just so little time to do it!