Niece Diva <3

fashionista in training

This little girl has stolen my heart (sorry I’m not sorry Tommy).  She means the world to me and always has, really. She, and her mom, have been living with us since October and while there has been some tough times, I don’t think I would have done it any other way.

sleeping beauties

My heart breaks into a million pieces when I think about them leaving in a few days. We really have gone as long as we can without talking or thinking about it very much because it’s just a very sad situation. She deserves the world and somehow, no matter how hard we all try, she’s just not getting it. Not at all putting any shame or blame on her mom. Her mom is fantastic and will do anything and everything she can to make sure her daughter has while she goes without. I just wish there was more that we could do to help her out, because as I said, that little girl deserves the world.

Fro-Yo goodness

From the time that I met her she’s always had a special place in my heart, as well as everyone else’s! She just has that affect on people. I’m not sure if it’s her now more fully developed southern charm or that white blonde hair she has. Whatever it is, she is capable of wrapping anyone around her finger, twice for good measure, which is something I definitely admire since, well, I’m a spoiled brat too. We spoiled brats just have to absolutely stick together. But since she’s been around more we have a totally different kind of bond. One that I hope will remain even after she leaves because I really can’t stand to think of it not being there. She is my niece diva and always will be, no matter what and I just hope she really fully understands how much I love her and how badly I’m going to miss her.

goofy times ❤

Rock Show will just never be the same and will forever bring on the water works every time I hear it now. Even yesterday when we went to town and it came on Spotify, the level of rocking out was so weak compared to before. Knowing how much she doesn’t want to go, even with as much as we talk it up. doesn’t help at all. And I know I’m supposed to be adult about this but this is really hard for me, Tommy and Tonya too! But she doesn’t deserve all this pain. I suppose all we can do is reassure her in how much we love her with all of our hearts and make sure she knows she will always have a place to call home, no matter where she is.

T-minus 3 days.




What does family mean to me?

This topic was suggested to me by a dear friend, someone I consider family, and I am so glad it was. This is something I have been wanting to touch on for a while now and I think it’s about time that it happened.

We have all heard that blood is thicker than water. We’ve also heard that family isn’t just blood, it’s who we pick and who stays with us through the good, the bad and the ugly. There are all sorts of saying out there about family. But what side do I take? What do I think about family and what exactly does it mean to me?

I have to start with throwing out that blood is thicker than water bit. While I do agree that some blood is thicker than water, not all of it is. I have aunts, uncles, cousins who I rarely talk to and who would not come running if I need any kind of assistance, yet there are people that I am not related to at all who would drop everything to do whatever they could to help. That is family means to me. When you want to see someone you love succeed and not ever fail, even if it means a little assistance from you every so often, always be as happy as possible and be right there with them sharing in that happiness, and especially making sure that they know they are loved and protected, in a sense, by you, to me that is the ideal version of family.

Now, I know that this may differ between individuals because others have extremely close families. Of course there are those who belong to families that have their brothers, sisters, cousins, et al. as best friends. While I love my family, there is a clear divide between family and friends in my life. Except for my sister, she’s an exception to that rule for me because no matter how much we fight, argue, or she wants to kill me… the fact of the matter is, she never does. I’m still alive and it must be because she loves me so.

My sister and I may not always be on the best of terms but when something happens and I really need her, those terms somehow disappear and she’s there for me no matter what. Once things are settled they may go back to being on not so good terms again, but again, that’s what family does. They drop whatever they are doing or holding on to to help in any way they can. As stated earlier, I fully believe that it does not apply to just family by blood either. Another good example I have is my brother, but not so brother, Derrick. He’s my brother in every sense of the word except blood. My father figure married his grandmother, who was raising him, and so we were together a lot growing up. Granted, he’s 7 years younger than me, so he’s my little brother. We had family dinners at my father figures house, I would go to his place in the city during the week to watch him while his granny worked and just to spend time with them and then my father figure and I would go back home. It was easy to do since he lived right next door and he was great friends with my Mama. If anyone asks me who he is to me tho, I tell them that he’s my brother. There is a lot more to the story than that of course, but that is just much easier to say.

Basically, after this entire post, what it boils down to is that what I think family means to me is that they will lift you up when you need it, hold your hand if you need that, kick you in the butt to get you in gear when you need that too, and especially, always, never let you forget how much you are loved, unconditionally. My furbabies are a perfect example of this, really. It’s a beautiful thing to have a good family, and an even better thing to find your own family in this world and hold them close, even if they are far away.


Finally Friday!

TGIF! Ammirite? Such a good day, that Friday is. End of the work week for most of the lovely folks, but unfortunately, some of us aren’t so lucky. I have to be at work at midnight tonight and tomorrow night. Boo. But, how awesome is it that I have a job that I am comfortable at and can get a steady paycheck from? In today’s economy, that says quite a lot! But pish-posh with all these silly things, on to the fun Friday stuff!

I am so excited about today, not just that it’s Friday in general but that I thought to try a Featured Friday. What this means is that each Friday, at least till I see if it works or not or how long it will last because I do tend to get bored of things fairly quickly, I will post about one person, place or thing that I think is important enough for me to feature it here. Well then, let’s get started!

This Friday my featured PERSON is going to be the onliest one and the onliest only Tommy! It will only make sense as to why he is featured first here. I have mentioned him in previous posts but referred to him only as my supportive man or the hubsters but not by his name yet. Well, now you know his name and maybe it makes a little sense as to why I choose him to be first in my Featured Friday list! Side note real quick though, I don’t think future posts will be in any sort of order, I will more than likely become very random with this.

Without further ado, my husband Tommy!

Me and my honey + his hair (because it needs to have its own category)

He is the love of my life, the strongest, funniest, strangest, craziest man I know. Then on the flip side he’s got the sweetest heart, he’s an animal lover like me, and he loves kids. Doesn’t every woman look for that in a man? Even if some of us are deathly afraid of having children, we still look for it! He’s out of the military now, but he’s a soldier at heart, always and forever. That isn’t something that just leaves you once the contract is up, just like I know the possibility of being an Army Wife is still always there.

See! Just home from Iraq and loving on the furbabies ❤

I really lucked out when I got to marry this guy. He truly is an incredible man and husband. I couldn’t be any happier now than I was when we first got together nearly 8 years ago, and that’s saying a lot since I am certain I have tested every single nerve he has, probably destroyed a few of them actually. He has helped me through some of my darkest days and still chooses to stay with me, and believe me, they got pretty dark. We got through it though. Together.

Maybe one of these days I’ll post on how we met since now there is a face to go with the name when I talk about him. It’s actually a pretty neat story that I’d like to share in my own words. One day. But till next time, I’ll leave you with my current ringtone for him. D’aww aren’t we sweet? 😉