From my furkids to yours, with love.

I was calling myself all caught up with the blogs that I follow till I realized, well, I wasn’t. One of them really touched my heart and I just had to share. Whitney at Yoga Pants posted about her sweet, precious furbaby and her troubles this weekend. Poor thing had bladder stones and I remember how helpless I felt when my very own Ariel had the same issue. The stress and worry she went through was very similar to mine as well. It is a very pitiful feeling when the furkids are sick and we don’t know what to do or how to handle it other than immediately rush for the vet. If only animals could talk and tell us what was wrong! If only.

So I’m finally going to share my furkids with you all! Aren’t you excited about it? I know I am.

I have three babies of my own.

First up is Jasmine (aka Jazzy, Jazzcat, Jazzy Kitty) and she’s quite the character. She was found in my sisters bushes outside her house while the hubby and I were out of town visiting his family. She called us on our way back in and asked if we wanted a cat since she already had two and really wanted her to have a good home. We weren’t married yet, a few months shy of being married and so he took her in his little downtown apartment and they bonded like I’ve never seen a cat bond with someone. She is extremely possessive of him, so much that when he came home from Iraq on his R&R she literally fought me for his attention. Okay, not actual fighting, but she did try to push me out of the way so she could lay in his lap and man was she talkative. It was incredible to see. So, the two of them are an interesting pair. While she does love me and misses me when I’m gone, it’s ┬ánot anything close to what they have.


Hubsters and Jazzcat.

Second & Third have to go together just like I convinced hubsters that we had to get them together from the shelter before he deployed since they were brother and sister. I used the ultimate guilt trip to get him to agree to it too. Told him that since fate and the military were determined to separate us doesn’t mean that we have to separate them. And so we left the Southern Pines Animal Shelter with two puppies instead of just one like we intended to originally and my life has been filled with joy and comfort and love because of them both ever since. They helped me keep my sanity during the deployment even. I really don’t know what I would have done had they not been my furkids then. So now, not to keep you waiting anymore.. here are Shemp (aka Bubba) and Ariel (aka Babygirl).

so much love!

Three little furry bundles of joy to make our family complete, and joy they are. I could easily spam this post with all the pictures I have of them all but I am really trying not to. If I’m completely honest with myself though, I believe I do have a severe problem of taking ridiculous amounts of pictures of them. They are just too darn cute not to! Besides, I like them more than I like most people so that makes total sense to me.

Like Whitney said in her post about her poor little Ella, hug your little furkids tighter tonight when you get home. Don’t forget to let them know how much you appreciate their unconditional love, devotion and loyalty they provide us.