Work Flow

I want to introduce another part of my life to you that isn’t really considered ‘feature’ worthy but is pretty important, my job. While it isn’t exactly where I imagined I would be, I did land a pretty decent job with some pretty awesome people. Things on the horizon may be looking a little on the stormy side, but I’m sure we will conquer those raging seas! Arrg! Pirate┬átalk always makes me feel better. What is it that I do though? And do I always look like this while doing it?


I am a hotel front desk clerk and proud of it! And clearly I get paid to meet people, play with their pets, fold laundry (boring), and read during down time. Our hotel, though, is not just your regular hotel as it’s meant for extended stays. Basically, it’s a mix between a hotel and an apartment. Some use it as an in between stage while moving, others are with us strictly for business travel. We have guests that stay for months at a time, giving us the chance to get to know them. That has got to be the coolest aspect of my job. See, I love being social and getting the chance to meet others from all over, it’s pretty fascinating stuff. We just had some from France, Belgium and Germany stay with us for several months and I got the chance to know them and listen to them, ya know, for their accents. Now THAT was great stuff. I could listen to those guys talk all day and be just fine and there were days that I definitely did do just that.

When it came close to time for them to check out and leave me, *sobs* they told me that they’d think of me often and they were grateful for my hospitality to them. The one from Germany even gave me a gift and that was above and beyond and so very sweet and unexpected. I’ve had guests bring me desert from a place I suggested to them or a little something here and there, but this was a German tote bag, a box of chocolates, a book, and some coffee mugs. Too sweet, right? Right.

Now it’s time for…..

What really grinds my gears is roller freakin’ luggage. I don’t think I have ever liked roller luggage and I have this very odd HATE for it. It could be due to the fact that I am too tall for most of them and that bothers me. There’s honestly no telling where this rage comes from when a guest comes to the lobby to check in and I’m having to act pleasant while oddly staring at their luggage. It’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. I”m eyeing it up and down like it’s done something directly to me. But it’s luggage. I swear, I’m mad. But all of the best people are, so.

So, when things get hectic at work I just remind myself how much I do love my job, I use the tote bag now to make sure I won’t forget that.