What I’ve learned about the blog world

Man, OH man, there are a lot… I mean A LOT of blogs out there. It’s fantastic! I found this very neat blog that I just adore right now. Through that blog I found probably fifteen more that I wanted to keep up with and were inspired by. I have been digging around in other blogs out there and updating my own blog in here since I posted my initial one yesterday. It has been one fun and interesting journey! The possibilities of what to blog about are endless; and all the fun writing challenges? I just can’t wait. I am trying to get myself at least a little bit organized on my end so it’s not total chaos up in here. But, then again, a little chaos can be fun right? I’m even making notes in my planner and may even spring for a little purse notepad strictly for photography and blogging ideas since you know, I have so many of them!

I know I have one and I shall find it

So, what exactly have I learned? I think I’ve learned that how successful blogger of a blogger you are does not necessarily equal how many followers you have. Sure, followers and readers are a great thing, but some of the blogs I stumbled upon that I found to be some of my favorites so far were the ones with fewer followers. I’ve also learned that just because you don’t have many followers doesn’t mean you don’t have many readers. But to help with the readers and get my little corner of the blogging universe out there, I joined something that I found called BlogLovin’. This is something that I never would have even heard of unless I did a little browsing, and I’m glad I did! It’s a pretty cool little site to help keep all the blogs you follow together easily. It’s even got an app, which I of course downloaded immediately because I do love my apps. I also added the Google Chrome extension so I can see how many updates I have to read. Pretty stoked about it. I really think it’s going to help keep me focused on this and those blogs that I’ve already started to follow will help me keep a positive spin on things while continuing to give me new ideas for my own blog.

Another totally awesome thing that I found was the Cara Box! Okay, so I didn’t have to dig too hard for this one because , well, ┬áit’s just that neat! I signed up for it and hope to have a successful swap with someone next month. Okay, so what is it? It’s this care package sort of idea but for bloggers across the blog universe. Each month you get a persons name to get to know, follow/stalk their blog, email back and forth and just try to get to know them before building them a package to send to them and make their life a little happier! Who wouldn’t just absolutely adore this?! First, you get to meet someone new that you probably never would have if it wasn’t for this. Second, you get a fun package in the mail! Do I even need a third? Of course I do because it’s me and three is my favorite number. Third, it connects bloggers in a way that they have possibly never been connected. Sure, we follow each other, read each others posts sometimes, but this is getting to really know someone and possibly building a friendship over something totally cool! Yay!

I really am excited about this new chapter in my life because I feel like I’m finally taking back control of it and this is a fantastic tool to help me do so.