NOLA for my birthday, baby! oh how I miss you.

The hubster and I took off like the wind and went to New Orleans for a long vacation weekend/happy birthday to me trip! It saddens my heart to be posting about this now because that just means that it’s over and I would much rather still be living it. Needless to say, the weekend was completely and totally incredible. In the nearly seven years that we have been married, nearly 8 together, we weren’t able to go on an actual honeymoon or anything. We also really didn’t have the chance to go out of town just to go, it was always for visiting family. Don’t get me wrong tho, I love visiting family but this… this was a nice trip where we could just be us and do what we wanted to do without having to try to fit in seeing everyone. This time we ran around trying to fit in seeing and doing everything we could possibly do! I mean, it is New Orleans, there is so much to do there!

Jackson Square just might be my favorite place on earth


The city life just amazes me. There is so much art, history, culture and can we just stop and talk about the delicious food for a minute? I knew that it would be difficult to be in New Orleans and stick to my vegetarian diet. I cheated just for the weekend and ate seafood, ONLY seafood, no land critters. Although there was this little hole in the wall place where we had lunch one day called Back to the Garden and they had THE BEST vegetarian tacos I think I’ve ever had. Great food and great prices. Definitely will be returning there when we go back and it is absolutely recommended!

look at these! a full plate of 2 tacos!

of course we had to go to Cafe du Monde for the au lait and beignets.

So, enough about the food, which did I mention how delicious it all was? Yes? Okay. I think this weekend was the best weekend we have had in quite some time. It was not just because we were in New Orleans, but we were able to get away from all the routine and stress of home and work and just remember how much fun we have together and how much we love each other. That trip allowed me to see my man in a different light, one similar to when I first saw him and fell in love. I stand behind taking trips together, so you can get a breather from life and it’s hardships, 100%. All the things we got to do, see, and experience will never be forgotten and we plan to make it a regular spring time trip even!

meet Blanche! the mule that pulled our carriage. Gorgeous, right?

We went on a carriage ride around the French Quarter, he got to see the World War 2 Museum, which I tried so desperately to show interest in but just couldn’t – bad wifey, I know, brought back our childhood amusement by going to the aquarium, and of course shopping. Shopping, shopping… shopping! All the things I bought for me and for souvenirs for family and friends… I was in love! What is even better about it all? We were still under our budget for this trip. Yeah, once we got home and the reality of bills hit again, we totaled everything up and were surprised to see how well we did financially! Just goes to show that it isn’t impossible to splurge every now and then and still be responsible about it.

Needless to say, it was a great birthday, a wonderful vacation, and a much needed breather for both of us.

me and my honey before our big day out in the city ❤