Arkansas or Arkansaw

Naturally I decide to start something once it’s already up and going. Seriously, I’m like this with everything from fashion and style to TV shows, movies and even lingo. I always am one of the last to arrive to the party, thus missing all the excitement and the newness of it, but that’s okay with me. So! With that said, I’d like to share with you a very fun blog I stumbled upon through several other bloggers that I follow. She’s got a great blog and some awesome tips for blogging, so look at those! She’s come up with this cool idea for writing prompts for May, called Blog Every Day In May! I thought that I’d give it a shot and see how far I get with this! So instead of the Thought Provoking posts, I think I’m gonna try to focus on this as well as other just random posts that pop in my head. It’s not like I have things to show sponsor wise or any giveaways to do! This place really is just a place for me to ramble on and on about not much of anything to this make believe audience that I occasionally ask questions to. That’s normal right? See what I did there?

Anywho, the prompt for today is most embarrassing moment(s)… yep. What a perfect one to start on! Nothing warm and fuzzy or easy to write about, but my most embarrassing moment(s). Lucky me, lucky me since I don’t really get all that embarrassed. I guess if I absolutely must talk about something, I’ll talk about this. This ridiculous moment has stuck with me for my entire life. From the time that it happened in 3rd grade, I believe, until now this happening in my life that the other people probably don’t even remember stuck by me and ridiculed me for ages. Gah, I hate even talking about it because it’s so silly and small it really doesn’t count as an embarrassment in and of itself, rather, the embarrassing part is the fact that I’ve held on to it for this long.

When I was in 3rd grade and we were learning the names of the states and all the information about them, I guess that’s what we were learning because to be honest, this moment has scarred me for life and it’s the only thing I can remember about that day. I was called on, and I mispronounced one of the states. Instead of saying Arkansas like you are supposed to, and any upstanding 3rd grader would know obviously, I said it like it’s spelled. (Ar-kan-sas instead of Ar-kan-saw). It wasn’t the teacher who made me feel bad for it, thankfully, I had enough of that in 1st grade… or so I hear from my mom and sister. But, it was another student in the class, a friend and that so-called “friend” laughed and pointed fingers and made fun of me till I cried. I was made to cry over a mispronunciation. Oops? I have no idea why that, of all things, has stayed with me all these years. Strange how the mind works, isn’t it?


So, of course now that I’ve opened up that part of my mind where the embarrassing things are, they come flooding out. Another was when a friend told a guy friend I had a crush on him, and this was a good guy friend. He didn’t feel the same way so I then proceeded to write his name all over my notebook with big X’s through it or ‘i hate ____’ instead of ‘i love ____’. He was one of those guy friends who should have really been more as close as we were, but we weren’t because I was ‘friend-zoned’. Yes guys, it happens to girls too and it sucks just as much, if not more! You see, I was always the tomboy, ‘one of the guys’ kinda girls. I could get cute and go shopping with my girl friends if I wanted, but I would almost always much rather stay home and play street basketball with another one of my lifelong crushes who had no idea, or go to the deer camp with my father figure, play baseball, go ride 4-wheelers, or whatever. Anything at all that guys would do, I could do it too, or if I couldn’t then I would just learn and make sure I could do it better.

You would think that I would have learned my lesson, but I really don’t think I ever did. You’d really think that I would be like, queen of no shame because of all the guy friends I had/have. Guys are pigs.

I do suppose this can be a liberating post. I’m no longer ashamed of my saying Arkansas wrong in the 3rd grade, it only took 20 years!

Thank goodness I don’t use names too though. No naming and/or shaming here! But THAT would be embarrassing. Yikes.


PS – I know I posted the catch up one first, but I actually wrote this one before the other. I just HAD to keep them in numerical order.