Hey Girl, Where you goin’?

Where am I going with this? What exactly do I hope to accomplish here?

I want to have a place that is my own that all my family, friends, foes, and whoever else would like to read can come and read about what I consider the adventures/mini adventures of my life. I will attempt to record all this with a positive spin on things because honestly, that is exactly what I and this world needs. We all need a little hope and I believe if I force myself to focus more on the positive than the negative by blogging, then maybe things will be different. It’s as simple as I want to enjoy my life. As much as I hate, no, despise the term or phrase I think it is fitting for what I am trying to do here. I want to live, love and explore life. We only have one to live so live it for all it’s worth. YOLO, right?


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