I’ve been thinking about this for a while and only just hit me tonight to post about it. It’s funny too, because I’ve already done a post about family and what it means to me, but not friends. Not really, anyway. You would think that would be the logical next step, but we all know, or if you don’t know… if you stick around you’ll soon find out, I’m not always the person to take the most logical next step. It keeps things interesting. I tend to get very sidetracked, and for that I do apologize.

I was once someone who could just not go a day without being with my friends. I had a humongous group of people that I called my close friends, and sure, that is what we were. Then I had several people who were so close that I didn’t have to call before stopping by, their house was my house, I had a drawer in at least one of these houses for when I needed a place to crash, and this is something that happened on a regular basis. I was away and with friends more than I was at home and with family.

One of my friends, my very very best friend at the time, and I had this routine of talking on the phone as much as possible, going everywhere together… no literally, he would come to my house and pick me up and we’d go everywhere together. Luckily we only lived a few miles apart. Then we also had this system of putting notes in each others mailboxes or under the windshield wiper of our cars. We went to different schools so it made it a little harder to just pass notes. Yeah, so what if we were big ole goobs. It was nice at the time. Whatever.

My point to all this reminiscing is that I find it funny how all that seems to just disappear as we get older. Now, I know that it’s not the case for some, but it certainly has been for me. At least until recently. I have been getting together with some friends on a semi-regular basis and I’ve been loving every second of it. I know that with being an adult comes responsibility and those responsibilities come first. It’s not like I can just put off my homework like I did before and go watch movies at a friends house. Or decide to stay there instead of going home to my husband and furbabies. Don’t get me wrong here, I love my hubbykins and my furbabies, there are just times when I wonder what ever happened to that side of me, the side that had to be surrounded by friends.

I fully understand that there are reasons behind the not being able to go and do all the time. Money, responsibility, work, etc. But what about the having people over.. or just meeting for lunch on a regular basis, or something.. anything. I think it’s sad how life can just take over and won’t allow for things like that to happen as often as we’d like or even as often as we need them too.

Maybe with a little more effort and a little more planning things will become easier for us. One of these days!


As Thursday comes to a close…

I, of course, leave you with a thought-provoking post! Is pampering really good for the soul? Does it actually boost our self esteem or make us more confident? For right now, and without much research, I’m going to say absolutely it does! I just got back from one of the best vacations I have ever been on and I don’t think it could have started out any better. I worked the midnight till 8 AM shift, which technically I didn’t get off till like 9:30 because the next person didn’t come in and someone else had to cover. I had an appointment set up with my amazing cosmetologist friend to have a birthday mani/pedi from my Mama. Oh. My. Word. That was so super relaxing and refreshing and that was just for my hands and feet! About a month before that I had my hair cut and a massage that I got for Valentine’s Day from the hubby. I have been allowing myself, maybe a little too much, to buy new clothes and shoes and accessories…cough.scarves.cough… My attitude and mood has been through the roof lately. I have had a shit storm of troubles blasted my way but we have handled them the best way we know how and kept our heads up through it all. I still think it has something to do with the weather warming up.

I have even decided to start making my own sugar scrubs, which I’m excited about. I have the recipe that they use at The Body Shop, which is where my friend works. She wasn’t really supposed to give it to me, but ya know… we’re tight like that. I think a small project at home will be good for me. But I am known for taking on too much too fast. I already am wanting to make bracelets similar to the one I got in New Orleans because it seems fairly easy to do but still lets me be creative and artsy fartsy.

So, a little splurging and pampering of yourself every so often is not a bad thing. You can afford it, you can make things work and ends will still meet in the end. Take that small vacation, buy that cute outfit or pair of shoes or all of the above even! Learning to love life and live it has been a difficult thing for me. It’s not all about balancing and budgeting and saving. Granted, those are all very important things that still need to be done, but as long as you’re smart about it, a splurge every so often will be just fine. Trust me, I did it again today. I bought another plant for outside on our balcony. I’m really taking a liking to sitting outside with my flowers and reading, writing and drinking coffee. Basically I’m waiting till it’s time for me to be lakeside or poolside doing these things. That will really send my mood sky high. Everyone will be singing “she’s so hiiiiiigh high above me”.


P.S. I will be posting so many more things in the coming days. I have so much to get out of my head and down here… just so little time to do it!

Thought Provoking Thursday is back!

yep, that’s me this morning.

I have very little thought going on inside this sleepy little head of mine at the moment, but I do believe that I can come up with something to post about today that is, indeed, thought provoking. Let’s see, hmmm. Oh, I know! Falling asleep at work. Do you do it? Do you think it’s okay to sleep on the clock and be paid for that little cat nap, hoping no one notices or do you maybe work so hard in a labor type job that you need to have a bit of a rest to make it through that strenuous 12+ hour shift? Whatever the case may be, how do you justify sleeping on the clock. Oh, but wait! Let’s take it a bit further shall we? How do you justify not doing work while on the clock? Me? Well, I work in the hotel industry, front desk specifically, where there is a lot of down time. A. Lot. There is only so much lobby floor I can sweep, or counter space I can wipe down, or laundry to fold, etc. etc. No matter how many tedious tasks you put in front of me during this job, I will get them done and I will still have plenty of down time leftover. That is just part of the job unfortunately. Another thing that is unfortunate is how easy it is becoming for me to nod off on the midnight – eight AM shift. If I am not constantly pouring coffee down my throat then I will more than likely start to fall asleep. I did last week, standing up too! I also fell asleep while messing with a new app on my phone, editing the name of something in there and woke up to a fully typed out, grammatically correct sentence. I was replying to someone in my head but my fingers typed it out on my phone for me while sitting in the chair. Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m getting old(er). These are some examples that I may not really be able to help though. They are moving the cameras around at work so that the spaces that we do have that are a bit more private will now be on camera too. I”m not sure how I feel about that because, well, I don’t want to be on camera all the time. I don’t think it’s right for us to not have a little bit of privacy.

So, do you think that cameras will help the matters of falling asleep on the job or perhaps just doing things that aren’t work related?

See, I just did it again. I hate that feeling too. When you start to nod off and you get this weird shocking feeling over your body. I’m not sure exactly how to explain it, almost like being jolted awake. I can’t stand it. That must mean it’s time for me to go fix up my 5th massive cup of coffee to try to make it this last hour and 15 minutes. Sheesh, it’s such a drag!

On a more positive note, I was just complimented on my hair again this morning. It’s a hot mess to me, but apparently the hot mess look works for me! Or, it could be this lady just is friendly with me because I’m friendly with her. It’s nice to be complimented on things. I try to offer up nice remarks when talking with someone, especially about things they obviously put effort into. Just saying someone is cute or pretty doesn’t always cover the effort they put in to look that way. Choice of outfit, accessories, makeup style and so on… these are all things I try to comment on because to me, they took effort, well, to an extent I guess. There are those days when you can literally crawl out of bed last minute and not have any idea what you are throwing on and do your makeup in the car on the way to work or school and get more compliments then than any other day. I guess that would be  pretty ironic. There goes that butterfly again. So anyway. Compliments. Give them often, receive them with a thankful heart and a grateful attitude, and make someone’s day.

Choose your words wisely & the start of Thought-Provoking Thursdays!

I have officially declared Thursdays to be ‘Thought-Provoking Thursdays’ and that certainly is what today has been for me. It has been one helluva mental struggle and emotional roller coaster kind of day. I do not wish to have a repeat of this sort of thought-provokingness in Thursdays to come and hate this is how it is starting out but watch me put a fantastic spin on it!

Today started out just fine, got up on time, no…wait, I actually got up a few minutes early! My hair has been kick-ass today despite the crappy weather which is usually a sign of a good day for me. Good hair is one in the same with a good day, right? Clearly, I was wrong. I get to work and the bosslady and the bossman are just riding my case hard all day long. Granted, I clock in 13 minutes late because I had to take my Niece to school due to her missing the bus, which rainy weather sometimes causes. But! I called in and let them know. I don’t think that bosslady should have been that upset with me since it isn’t like I’m the only one that’s ever late. In fact, this was my second time being late and the first time was because my truck broke down. Others are late regularly.

As much as that bothered me, I decided to just let it go and enjoy the day. I was on the day shift and happy to be there. Time goes by much quicker and there are actually people there to talk to! The midnight-8AM shift is quite the opposite. It’s very quiet, very dead, very boring and after today it just might be my favorite shift again.

But then it gets worse. Dun dun dunnnnnn. Caution! Ragey Jess ahead! Not really, I just went in the bathroom and cried, but they were tears of rage damnit! You see, I have this trigger word. If it is directed at me in any way, shape or form, I lose my cool, and depending on what day it is, I could have very cool left! Bossman was involved in this one though. He may have meant no harm whatsoever when he said it, actually, I’m sure that’s exactly what happened. You see, what had happened was… I burned my arm on the dryer. I do realize how ditzy this is or can be. The thing is though, there was a pot holder stuck on the very back of this massively ginormous machine that we call a dryer. I basically had to crawl in there to get it out and my arm barely grazed the bar/rod/thing that is on the drum of the machine. Well, a load had just finished drying so it was rather hot, hot enough for it to burn my arm quite a bit. It’s still red and hurting! Anyway, I get nearly all the laundry for the day done and I’m doing another small job that bossman asked me to do and still listening to him explain it. Another lady that I work with pokes her head around the corner and I show her what happened. She asked what I did and I tell her simply “I burned myself on the dryer!” Not thinking that I would be attacked in a mean way but I was. Bossman then says something like “well, didn’t your mother teach you not to be so stupid?” Ding ding ding, the gloves are off! But there goes Jess running to the bathroom! What could I do though? He’s my boss! It’s not like I could chew him out for what he said! All I was able to get out was “hey now!” and then there goes all the blood to my face followed by all the tears down my cheeks. Ugh. Embarrassing and such a shame! It’s a shame that this one little word that probably didn’t mean hardly anything other than the same thing calling it a ditzy move or asking if I’m a blonde or anything like that. The fact of the matter was and is, though, that he used the word stupid and that’s not okay with me. That’s when it turns into blind rage and I literally had to remove myself from the scene of the crime to keep anything else from happening… like losing my job! That would have made my day much, much worse.

So, how is this all a thought-provoking post? What are some other ‘trigger words’ for others? I glanced around some forums and saw that stupid actually isn’t that common. More of them had to do with appearances, race, religion, or how social or antisocial you are. A few of them that I saw are: antisocial, shy, quiet, awkward, loser, and other various words having to do with race, religion, weight, etc. There are reasons behind ‘stupid’ being my trigger word that I won’t get into those in this post because I do want to end this on a good note. How do you help to control the beast though? I mean, once it’s unleashed, the damage is done! Or, just do like me and run to the bathroom for half an hour. Tame the beast within.

Oh how I wanted to tell bossman this 😉