Featured Friday 003

This week has been so hectic catching up with family after vacation and being more willing to come in to work early since I did get 4 days off last week. Also, it has felt very much like my body is here but my mind is still playing catch up with the rest of me. It is still on vacation and is being pretty darn stubborn. I have decided to do a post featuring something, not someone but something, that has helped make me who I am today.
Harry Potter.

The books, the movies, the fan base, everything about it really is incredible. Now, I know it seems silly to do a full post about a fictional story and say that it has affected me as a person and especially at my age, but it was my first book series that I read all the way through and had absolutely no trouble finishing. That alone speaks volumes to me and to anyone that knows me. Also to anyone that knows me, they know that I am an uber Harry Potter geek. I have books besides the actual story books, the movies, a wand, countless photos saved to my computer and I’m working on getting a set of golden snitch jewelry. There have been more things that I can relate to in that story than in most things in the real world. Obviously I can’t relate to the wizardry because, well, it’s not real. But what I can relate to are the inspiring and uplifting stories of the relationships there, the friendships, the courage and lack there of of the Gryffindors, the book smarts of the Ravenclaws, the all around goodness of the Hufflepuffs and the sneaky and manipulative nature of the Slytherins. There were characters I loved and characters I loved to hate. There were even characters that I hated to love and especially those I just simply hated because there was just no redemption in what they did no matter how much pink they wore or how much they loved kitties.

The whole aspect of that story has definitely changed me as a person, but in good ways. It introduced me to what real fandom is, geeky fandom anyway. It’s a bit like having a huge family..knowing you are one of many that loves something that much and all for different reasons. To be part of that generation, even if I’m on the older end of it, is something wonderful. When watching the premiere for the final movie and all those kids that played the main characters took to the carpet, the world watched them grow up and grow in to these roles. Not only did they become the character, the character sort of became them. Weird little quirks that Daniel Radcliffe had, now Harry Potter had. Same goes for the others. Then there are those who played in the movies who were already superfans of the story. Luna Lovegood. Alan Rickman. These are iconic people who played iconic roles that will never be forgotten. Could it be because of their passion for the story?
Most definitely.

So to say that this all has made me a better person, changed me and taught me things, opened my eyes to a whole new world (cue music) does seem entirely ridiculous, but then again I like entirely ridiculous things. I will forever be thankful for those books, that world that Rowling created, and the awesome movies that came from them. My children will know of that world and hopefully it will continue to be passed down through the generations.

“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”
– J.K. Rowling


It’s time for another round of Featured Friday!

I’ve been thinking long and hard who, what, or where I wanted to feature this Friday. I have had several good ones come to mind but none of them really felt right. It was a person last week so, in my mind it made complete sense to make it a pattern, because, you know… I like patterns. Feature a person, place, and then thing and start again. But, I really want to feature another person because it’s a special time this week and I think by doing this, it’s like she’s here with us. She has been on my mind a good bit more than usual lately. I’m pretty sure it has been because of the posts made in her group on facebook because of sibling day the other day and because a mutual friend and I share the same birthday, so she posted in there about how much she wishes that she could be here to celebrate her turning 21. Anyway, regardless of the reason she’s on my mind, she’s there and so this Featured Friday is going to be about her.

Olivia, or better known as Libby, was taken from us much too soon. It is something that has brought heartache to many that knew her and loved her and yet, how someone so small… like, literally small, not small in the figurative ‘she’s not significant’ way…. could make such a lasting impact on so many lives is beyond me. She has given me purpose to point my life in the right direction, to keep fighting for living and loving life, and to enjoy getting older simply because it is a privilege that was sadly denied to her. So, we keep living. We keep pushing forward and seek out ways to enjoy every aspect of life and do it with a smile on our faces because that’s what she would do. And man, such a big and contagious smile she had.

So, since it is so close to my birthday and it would have been nice to celebrate it somehow with her still here but she isn’t, I think featuring her today was the perfect thing to do. I just have to keep reminding myself that I may not look at things the same as I did when she was alive, but that doesn’t mean that I’m torn to pieces over her death. Not anymore. I appreciate more of what life has to offer and I will continue to keep that focus for as long as I can. She is just as inspiring now as she was then, and that says an awful lot about the kind of person she was, and the kind of person she could have become. She was taken from us so young, but man did she make one hell of an impact while she was here. It takes most their entire lives to make such an impact while some never accomplish it. She was a gift. And how appropriate. It is my birthday tomorrow.

Finally Friday!

TGIF! Ammirite? Such a good day, that Friday is. End of the work week for most of the lovely folks, but unfortunately, some of us aren’t so lucky. I have to be at work at midnight tonight and tomorrow night. Boo. But, how awesome is it that I have a job that I am comfortable at and can get a steady paycheck from? In today’s economy, that says quite a lot! But pish-posh with all these silly things, on to the fun Friday stuff!

I am so excited about today, not just that it’s Friday in general but that I thought to try a Featured Friday. What this means is that each Friday, at least till I see if it works or not or how long it will last because I do tend to get bored of things fairly quickly, I will post about one person, place or thing that I think is important enough for me to feature it here. Well then, let’s get started!

This Friday my featured PERSON is going to be the onliest one and the onliest only Tommy! It will only make sense as to why he is featured first here. I have mentioned him in previous posts but referred to him only as my supportive man or the hubsters but not by his name yet. Well, now you know his name and maybe it makes a little sense as to why I choose him to be first in my Featured Friday list! Side note real quick though, I don’t think future posts will be in any sort of order, I will more than likely become very random with this.

Without further ado, my husband Tommy!

Me and my honey + his hair (because it needs to have its own category)

He is the love of my life, the strongest, funniest, strangest, craziest man I know. Then on the flip side he’s got the sweetest heart, he’s an animal lover like me, and he loves kids. Doesn’t every woman look for that in a man? Even if some of us are deathly afraid of having children, we still look for it! He’s out of the military now, but he’s a soldier at heart, always and forever. That isn’t something that just leaves you once the contract is up, just like I know the possibility of being an Army Wife is still always there.

See! Just home from Iraq and loving on the furbabies ❤

I really lucked out when I got to marry this guy. He truly is an incredible man and husband. I couldn’t be any happier now than I was when we first got together nearly 8 years ago, and that’s saying a lot since I am certain I have tested every single nerve he has, probably destroyed a few of them actually. He has helped me through some of my darkest days and still chooses to stay with me, and believe me, they got pretty dark. We got through it though. Together.

Maybe one of these days I’ll post on how we met since now there is a face to go with the name when I talk about him. It’s actually a pretty neat story that I’d like to share in my own words. One day. But till next time, I’ll leave you with my current ringtone for him. D’aww aren’t we sweet? 😉