Monday, let’s keep it lighthearted

The challenge for yesterday for Blog Every Day in May was ‘what do you miss?’ I missed it because I worked from midnight Saturday night till 8:30 Sunday morning then picked up my brother and we did Mothers Day things all day yesterday. It was a really good day for us all I think! Cooking out by the river with the family and the furkids. Good day all around! But on to playing catch-up again.

I could really make this post deep and talk about people, loved ones, or lost pets I’ll always miss. I do miss those and they are totally worthy to be in this post, however, I kinda just want to talk about the carefree years for a minute. Can we do that? Just travel back to the teenage and young adult years with me for a moment.

What the crap were we thinking?! I had a solid job and didn’t save a dime. I didn’t have any responsibilities other than school, work, and whatever sports I was playing at the time and I couldn’t even manage to manage my money any better than I did? Shame, for shame! (as my lovely niece diva would say).

So what do I really miss besides the possible money saved during that time? I miss the fact that I was always surrounded by friends, I miss the fact that we didn’t have hardly any responsibilities because being an adult with all the worry of bills and stress of life can really tire a girl out. I miss being able to be as spontaneous without feeling guilty.

If I could go back and slap myself, I would. I was a carefree idiot! But I had fun. Those memories and trials that I thought would really be the end of my little world are things I wouldn’t trade for the world.

And I leave you with the always entertaining Jenna Marbles video about hating being a grown up. Seems appropriate for a post like this. Enjoy!


We should be friends.

Good morning blog’verse! Rise and shine! Shake off those hangovers if you have one, have a cup of coffee and… oh who am I kidding, sleep well you lucky ducks, you.

Today’s theme for the Blog Every Day in May challenge is to sell yourself in 10…ten…TEN words or less. I can be an extremely wordy (dirty) person so this is going to be a definite challenge for me. The only thing is that I’m not exactly sure of is who am I selling myself to? The Devil? The blog’verse? Friends? Family? Guests? Who? I’m gonna pick a random person in my head and I’m going to attempt to win them over with my charm in ten words or less.

I love coffee and Harry Potter…
…we should be friends.

Nailed it! 

On the flip side of this, I think it’d be so much fun to see others try to sell me with the same restrictions. I may just bug everyone I know about it until they do. But of course, by that time when they finally give in and decide to play along, they may not be very fond of the product they are selling anymore. Lesson 38 in basic business kiddos, don’t let the product sway your salesmanship! Sell, sell, sell!


Arkansas or Arkansaw

Naturally I decide to start something once it’s already up and going. Seriously, I’m like this with everything from fashion and style to TV shows, movies and even lingo. I always am one of the last to arrive to the party, thus missing all the excitement and the newness of it, but that’s okay with me. So! With that said, I’d like to share with you a very fun blog I stumbled upon through several other bloggers that I follow. She’s got a great blog and some awesome tips for blogging, so look at those! She’s come up with this cool idea for writing prompts for May, called Blog Every Day In May! I thought that I’d give it a shot and see how far I get with this! So instead of the Thought Provoking posts, I think I’m gonna try to focus on this as well as other just random posts that pop in my head. It’s not like I have things to show sponsor wise or any giveaways to do! This place really is just a place for me to ramble on and on about not much of anything to this make believe audience that I occasionally ask questions to. That’s normal right? See what I did there?

Anywho, the prompt for today is most embarrassing moment(s)… yep. What a perfect one to start on! Nothing warm and fuzzy or easy to write about, but my most embarrassing moment(s). Lucky me, lucky me since I don’t really get all that embarrassed. I guess if I absolutely must talk about something, I’ll talk about this. This ridiculous moment has stuck with me for my entire life. From the time that it happened in 3rd grade, I believe, until now this happening in my life that the other people probably don’t even remember stuck by me and ridiculed me for ages. Gah, I hate even talking about it because it’s so silly and small it really doesn’t count as an embarrassment in and of itself, rather, the embarrassing part is the fact that I’ve held on to it for this long.

When I was in 3rd grade and we were learning the names of the states and all the information about them, I guess that’s what we were learning because to be honest, this moment has scarred me for life and it’s the only thing I can remember about that day. I was called on, and I mispronounced one of the states. Instead of saying Arkansas like you are supposed to, and any upstanding 3rd grader would know obviously, I said it like it’s spelled. (Ar-kan-sas instead of Ar-kan-saw). It wasn’t the teacher who made me feel bad for it, thankfully, I had enough of that in 1st grade… or so I hear from my mom and sister. But, it was another student in the class, a friend and that so-called “friend” laughed and pointed fingers and made fun of me till I cried. I was made to cry over a mispronunciation. Oops? I have no idea why that, of all things, has stayed with me all these years. Strange how the mind works, isn’t it?


So, of course now that I’ve opened up that part of my mind where the embarrassing things are, they come flooding out. Another was when a friend told a guy friend I had a crush on him, and this was a good guy friend. He didn’t feel the same way so I then proceeded to write his name all over my notebook with big X’s through it or ‘i hate ____’ instead of ‘i love ____’. He was one of those guy friends who should have really been more as close as we were, but we weren’t because I was ‘friend-zoned’. Yes guys, it happens to girls too and it sucks just as much, if not more! You see, I was always the tomboy, ‘one of the guys’ kinda girls. I could get cute and go shopping with my girl friends if I wanted, but I would almost always much rather stay home and play street basketball with another one of my lifelong crushes who had no idea, or go to the deer camp with my father figure, play baseball, go ride 4-wheelers, or whatever. Anything at all that guys would do, I could do it too, or if I couldn’t then I would just learn and make sure I could do it better.

You would think that I would have learned my lesson, but I really don’t think I ever did. You’d really think that I would be like, queen of no shame because of all the guy friends I had/have. Guys are pigs.

I do suppose this can be a liberating post. I’m no longer ashamed of my saying Arkansas wrong in the 3rd grade, it only took 20 years!

Thank goodness I don’t use names too though. No naming and/or shaming here! But THAT would be embarrassing. Yikes.


PS – I know I posted the catch up one first, but I actually wrote this one before the other. I just HAD to keep them in numerical order.

Blog a Day in May catch-up!

It’s late at night or early in the morning depending on if you are asleep and have to be up soon or if you are a vampire like I tend to be with the hours that I work. Since it does get so quiet during these hours, I’m deciding to be productive and get some blogging done! Since I already have the 10th prompt ready to go, I thought I’d sit here and do some of the other prompts that I missed out on!

Day 1 – The story of my life in 250 words.
I was born in Mississippi, raised in Louisiana. I grew up with mostly guy friends and a very few girl friends and I still believe that this is completely okay. I was a Mama’s girl and very attached to her hip, when I was home. I always wanted to be on the go, go somewhere, do something, get out of that place. Once I did, I don’t think I would have ever fathomed that my longing for that small village would have been this deep. I was an athlete in high school, didn’t play in college, but became very devoted to Christ and his teachings. Life happened and I’m still struggling to find my way back. I got married at 21 to the love of my life and partner in crime and moved from Mama’s to living with him without ever being on my own, till his deployment. College brought on some very fun times, good friends and sign language, which I’m very passionate about, but college was put on hold while he was gone. I do hope to finish my second degree one of these days. Today I’m a wife, a daughter, sister, aunt to the best niece diva in the world, mom to 3 of the cutest furkids ever, hotel front desk clerk and a tv/gamer junkie. I have hopes and dreams, school being one of them, maybe a family – that’s still up in the air – who knows? But THAT is the story of my life in probably more than 250 words.

Day 2 – Educate the public on something I’m good at. Hmm okay well this was the first thing that popped in my head and I’d love to share, even if I’m not all that good at it. I have always been passionate about Sign Language and I got the chance to really explore that during several of my college years at the University of Southern Mississippi. That place is where I made some of the best friends of my life. I will never forget the memories and relationships made there. Anyway, I think that American Sign Language is a beautiful language for several reasons really. I appreciate and support the Deaf community and what it stands for, I have seen those struggle to learn and overcome it and apply it to music in a beautiful and entertaining way, and it is just visually appealing. Even if you don’t know sign language, more than likely you can use “context clues” to figure out what some of the signs being used are. With that, I’d like to share a link that I still use today to keep up with my ability to read fingerspelling (the act of ‘spelling’ out words using the American Sign Language alphabet). This site is a great tool used by some of the greatest that I know.

Oooh Day 3 – Things that make me uncomfortable… lots of things so this should be quick and easy.
– Doctors offices/hospitals
– Needles
– Clowns
– Dolls and especially the older looking ceramic? ones.
– Frogs when they are facing me
– Things that aren’t lined up right or when one thing is turned the wrong way or slightly askew
– Pizza that is cut in a weird way
– When someone is in my personal bubble
– Jumpy, in your face moments.
– Sitting next to someone at a red light who has their music up wayy too loud.
– My height
– How out of shape I am
– Closed boxes. (K3)

Day 4 – Favorite quote and why I love it.

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. – Albus Dumbledore.

That one should be fairly obvious. I mean, come on, I did a post solely about how Harry Potter changed my life.

And then there are the quotes from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn that I just simply adore for all the girl power and strength.

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. – Marilyn Monroe

To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly. – Marilyn Monroe

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. – Audrey Hepburn

Day 5 – Profess my love for a blogger or RL friend/family member. Think I’ll skip this one and just refer you to this post for now. Although since we have been matched for our Cara Box swaps these two ladies, BAM and BAM have been incredible in getting to know and I look forward to how this month’s swap is going to pan out! If you have moment, go check them out, they are pretty awesome gals!

Day 6 – If I can’t answer with ‘my job’, how would I answer the question ‘what do I do?’
Veryyy cool. Well, I am a full time wife and Aunt, I love to go to the park with my furkids, go to the gym when my schedule allows it, play video games (yes I’m a gamer geek), and spend time with family.

Day 7 – Things I’m most afraid of.
Look up to the uncomfortable post, the top 4 things on that list are my top fears.

Day 8 – Piece of advice I have for y’all.
Keep your head up. Man, I can’t stress this enough. You will not be defeated, even if it feels like it. It can rain, and rain, and rain, pour even, but it stops eventually.

Day 9 – A moment in my day


Aaaand I do believe that brings me current! I’m so excited… but that could just be the insane amounts of coffee I’ve had this morning to make it through the last hour and a half.


Is opening up a good thing, really?

I recently took the plunge and made a Facebook page for my blog. Here it is, please like and support if you want to! Also, if you want to share your pages or anything with me, I’d be more than happy to follow/like back! You can check my page out here .

This is a huge step for me, and hopefully it’s one that’s in the right direction. Actually, anything that even slightly resembles the right direction would be fine with me. As long as it’s not backwards. Backwards is bad and it’s definitely what we do not want. We want progress.

Something I have noticed while doing all this though, is that I am very slow and selective to who I open up to. It has been much easier for me to share this part of my life with people that I met online rather than those that I know personally. I am trying to be a big girl and open more to people that I see occasionally in my actual life rather than keep it secluded to the select few that I choose to share with.

What if I say something in a blog post that offends someone? What if I said something in a blog post that I’ve already forgotten about and someone goes back to read it and then brings up a past rant I had and they are unhappy that I shared it, especially if they were involved. What if? What if? What if?

I’m done playing that game. This is me, these are my thoughts and if you read this then you can share in it with me and take part in the roller coaster that is my life, or not. I am so very excited about this journey I’ve started and I would love it if people I know personally would like it and keep up if they choose to do so. I’ve never been one of the popular ones though, so I imagine most won’t be all that interested and that’s completely fine. But I think that those who are my friends, who are my real friends would want to support me as I take this step to more or less putting my life, my thoughts, hopes and dreams, frustrations and irritations, rants and rambles all out there for everyone to see. Not only that, but I’m putting my writing out there. As I try to better myself and focus on the positive, I think having this would and could only help me with that. I’m stepping out, taking a chance and allowing myself to be vulnerable to people in my life for the first time.

Yep. I was right.
It’s terrifying.
But also exhilarating.

I only made the page yesterday and I already have several likes, friends showing support, some who already knew about this blog and some who didn’t. I’d say that is off to a pretty good start.

How do you do it though? All you other bloggers, I’m talking to you. How do you feel about putting yourself out there and do you keep it more limited to who knows about your blog or do you just lay it out for everyone and their Mama to see, this is me. Was it as difficult for you as it was and is for me? Mixed emotions and all?

Would love some feedback!


From my furkids to yours, with love.

I was calling myself all caught up with the blogs that I follow till I realized, well, I wasn’t. One of them really touched my heart and I just had to share. Whitney at Yoga Pants posted about her sweet, precious furbaby and her troubles this weekend. Poor thing had bladder stones and I remember how helpless I felt when my very own Ariel had the same issue. The stress and worry she went through was very similar to mine as well. It is a very pitiful feeling when the furkids are sick and we don’t know what to do or how to handle it other than immediately rush for the vet. If only animals could talk and tell us what was wrong! If only.

So I’m finally going to share my furkids with you all! Aren’t you excited about it? I know I am.

I have three babies of my own.

First up is Jasmine (aka Jazzy, Jazzcat, Jazzy Kitty) and she’s quite the character. She was found in my sisters bushes outside her house while the hubby and I were out of town visiting his family. She called us on our way back in and asked if we wanted a cat since she already had two and really wanted her to have a good home. We weren’t married yet, a few months shy of being married and so he took her in his little downtown apartment and they bonded like I’ve never seen a cat bond with someone. She is extremely possessive of him, so much that when he came home from Iraq on his R&R she literally fought me for his attention. Okay, not actual fighting, but she did try to push me out of the way so she could lay in his lap and man was she talkative. It was incredible to see. So, the two of them are an interesting pair. While she does love me and misses me when I’m gone, it’s  not anything close to what they have.


Hubsters and Jazzcat.

Second & Third have to go together just like I convinced hubsters that we had to get them together from the shelter before he deployed since they were brother and sister. I used the ultimate guilt trip to get him to agree to it too. Told him that since fate and the military were determined to separate us doesn’t mean that we have to separate them. And so we left the Southern Pines Animal Shelter with two puppies instead of just one like we intended to originally and my life has been filled with joy and comfort and love because of them both ever since. They helped me keep my sanity during the deployment even. I really don’t know what I would have done had they not been my furkids then. So now, not to keep you waiting anymore.. here are Shemp (aka Bubba) and Ariel (aka Babygirl).

so much love!

Three little furry bundles of joy to make our family complete, and joy they are. I could easily spam this post with all the pictures I have of them all but I am really trying not to. If I’m completely honest with myself though, I believe I do have a severe problem of taking ridiculous amounts of pictures of them. They are just too darn cute not to! Besides, I like them more than I like most people so that makes total sense to me.

Like Whitney said in her post about her poor little Ella, hug your little furkids tighter tonight when you get home. Don’t forget to let them know how much you appreciate their unconditional love, devotion and loyalty they provide us.


Mad Season

When things start to spiral out of control or I get the least bit anxious about life and what it’s throwing at me, I tend to turn to music. In the past it was always my loud, hard, ‘Eff the world’ kinda rock. That was because I was oh so lost and had that awful mentality. Lately, though, it’s been more Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls and others of the like. Trying to cling to keeping things as positive as possible because I really do think that the music you listen to affects the mood you’re in. Don’t get me wrong though, I still listen to those eff the world songs, but they aren’t my go to now when I need help.

Today I had an anxiety attack that really snuck up on me. I wasn’t feeling stressed or anything, just sitting there watching tv and then BAM. That really can put a damper on a day and anyone that has issues with this knows what I mean. I’m the type to over-think things and try to figure out where it came from, causing even more unnecessary stress and worry. This is NOT advised. It’s really not good for the soul and since I’m all about things that are good for my soul lately, we have this fun positive post today!

What exactly is good for my soul though? Instead of letting myself get all worked up, I decided to fix some peppermint tea, go sit outside and play Matchbox Twenty over and over again while talking to one of my favorite people. I thought of things that I know I have and reminded myself how loved and lucky I am for the hard working and very supportive husband I have that was then napping inside after an almost fourteen hour shift last night. Some other things I think of to do depend so much on what I feel the panic is coming from. Is it a more self conscious worry, financial, work related, friendship folly, and the list goes on and on. Today the sitting outside with tea and music really seemed to work. It is safe to say that music is almost always involved in my ‘healing’ process. I could decide that I need to focus on the positive parts of myself, find the beauty in me so I pamper. Could do my nails, set up an at home spa day, take a long bath while reading a book or something along those lines. The important thing here, I think, is to remember to make time to step back and just breathe.

To do: practice yoga regularly!

I really miss yoga for so many of these reasons I’ve listed here. It is good for the soul, it involves relaxing music, it’s good for the mind and the body, and it includes time to meditate and breathe. I am very interested in finding a DVD to start practicing again at home since my schedule doesn’t really allow for regular practicing at a studio. I know enough about the poses to not need a yoga for beginners, but not enough to be considered advanced. I am really interested in finding some new ways of helping with this. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!



Hope everyone’s Tuesday was off to a better start than mine and will be as good as I’m going to make mine be!