It’s time for another round of Featured Friday!

I’ve been thinking long and hard who, what, or where I wanted to feature this Friday. I have had several good ones come to mind but none of them really felt right. It was a person last week so, in my mind it made complete sense to make it a pattern, because, you know… I like patterns. Feature a person, place, and then thing and start again. But, I really want to feature another person because it’s a special time this week and I think by doing this, it’s like she’s here with us. She has been on my mind a good bit more than usual lately. I’m pretty sure it has been because of the posts made in her group on facebook because of sibling day the other day and because a mutual friend and I share the same birthday, so she posted in there about how much she wishes that she could be here to celebrate her turning 21. Anyway, regardless of the reason she’s on my mind, she’s there and so this Featured Friday is going to be about her.

Olivia, or better known as Libby, was taken from us much too soon. It is something that has brought heartache to many that knew her and loved her and yet, how someone so small… like, literally small, not small in the figurative ‘she’s not significant’ way…. could make such a lasting impact on so many lives is beyond me. She has given me purpose to point my life in the right direction, to keep fighting for living and loving life, and to enjoy getting older simply because it is a privilege that was sadly denied to her. So, we keep living. We keep pushing forward and seek out ways to enjoy every aspect of life and do it with a smile on our faces because that’s what she would do. And man, such a big and contagious smile she had.

So, since it is so close to my birthday and it would have been nice to celebrate it somehow with her still here but she isn’t, I think featuring her today was the perfect thing to do. I just have to keep reminding myself that I may not look at things the same as I did when she was alive, but that doesn’t mean that I’m torn to pieces over her death. Not anymore. I appreciate more of what life has to offer and I will continue to keep that focus for as long as I can. She is just as inspiring now as she was then, and that says an awful lot about the kind of person she was, and the kind of person she could have become. She was taken from us so young, but man did she make one hell of an impact while she was here. It takes most their entire lives to make such an impact while some never accomplish it. She was a gift. And how appropriate. It is my birthday tomorrow.

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